Off to greener pastures.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1980s when Stephen ‘Storm’ Logan, Jr. decided to leave Los Angeles behind…

Maya and Caroline are getting ready to head to the altar. Years ago, Storm (then played by Ethan Wayne) thought he would be as well until Taylor Hayes broke his heart. Life for Storm hadn’t been easy. Being the oldest of four, he had been the angriest when his father left him, his mother and his three sisters. In fact, his actions were what gave him his nickname, Storm.

Storm stepped up and became the man of the house. His sister Brooke kept him on his toes, to which he showed his displeasure when she wanted to get involved with her boyfriend’s sting operation. He watched as his mother Beth slowly healed from his father’s abandonment and reconnected with her first love Eric Forrester.

It was time that Storm started to put himself first and did just that when his high school sweetheart Taylor Hayes reappeared in L.A. They quickly rekindled their love and even got engaged. However, Taylor – so much like his sister Brooke, couldn’t forget about Ridge Forrester and soon ended their engagement. Storm had had enough of the L.A. drama and moved out of town.

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