Numerous partners.

In this week’s “The Bold And The Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1960s when Eric Forrester first started down the path of marriage and divorce, which led to a repeated cycle throughout the years…

Liam recently got word about his annulment. Years ago, Eric’s first walk down the aisle ended in divorce, as did numerous marriages that followed. Stephanie and Eric’s initial marriage lasted around thirty years and resulted in four biological children. They then went on to marry three more times before cancer ultimately took Stephanie, leaving Eric a widow in 2012.

In between his marriages to Stephanie, Eric married her nemesis Brooke Logan, twice, and even fathered two more children with her. Eric found love in Shelia Carter, who turned out to be a crazed woman from Genoa City. After that marriage ended, and a few more pit stops to marry and divorce Stephanie and Brooke again, Eric thought he’d finally gotten things right by marrying Brooke’s sister Donna. No such luck, Eric and Donna’s marriage only lasted two years before he reunited with Stephanie one final time before her death.

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