One more time... (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of October 7 – 11:

It would be so amazing if they could find a way to have more characters on the “B&B” canvas. The Oliver/Wyatt scenes were my favorite of the week, but also served as a reminder that we don’t get to see the likes of Oliver, Thorne, Justin, Marcus, Dayzee, Bridget, or Thomas nearly enough, not to mention those we miss that would be so interesting to have back full-time to round things out, like Nick or Felicia. It’s not believable for characters like Donna and Thorne not to have love lives, or for women like Quinn and Brooke to have no alternative to Bill other than Eric. There have been so many great characters introduced on “B&B” that it’s a shame for the focus to be so limited.

The backstage scenes surrounding the fashion shows are really good because so many characters get to be involved. It’s always puzzling, though, to see who will show up and who will be missing. For example, why were Marcus and Dayzee not seen at this one? It’s also fun to have something underhanded going on behind-the-scenes, and this time was no exception. Instead of noshing on lemon bars with Pam, Quinn took time to check out the video on Liam’s tablet and then emailed it to herself…and later to Hope. Pretty questionable behavior, especially since it could come back to bite her (or Wyatt) when the accusations start flying.

Dumb Donna?
I love Donna, but how on earth is she okay with Brooke being engaged to Bill and keeping yet another secret from Katie! Yeesh. She even went so far as to say that what they have seems special. I’d much rather she snap out of it and have a really good go at Brooke – not that it would change anything, but so much more fun for us!

It’s all about us.
Rick and Caroline’s make-out sessions are one-third kissing and two-thirds talking about how great they are – haha! They do make a perfect match in this way, but it sure makes it hard to believe he had the deep feelings he professed to have had for Maya.