Credit: Schemer. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of September 30 – October 4:

It was a busy “B&B” week what with the trip to Mexico, an engagement, and a fashion show. Thoughts:

The power of the diamond.
The trip to Mexico was a bit of a letdown for those hoping that Wyatt might have showed Hope the ‘power of the diamond’. Instead, all we got was more of Wyatt campaigning for her not to marry his brother, and a lot of Tinkerbell chimes. Boring.

Video evidence.
It’s nice that Liam doesn’t have anything better to do than make sappy video tributes all day long – did Katie fire him too? Then the doofus sends his Hope tribute to Steffy while distracted. Egad. Her response was much nicer than mine would have been. In any case, Steffy asked him to make one for her too. It seemed a reasonable enough request (especially in light of how badly he’d just messed up), though perhaps a bit of a ticking time bomb for him to harbor on his computer. Some felt he just shouldn’t have done it. What do you think about Liam making a romantic tribute video for Steffy? Vote:

Randy receptionists.
Pam and Donna were my favorite part of this week, from Pam grumbling about Donna not meeting her for speed dating, to Donna complaining about her sister shacking up with the other sister’s husband, to the pair of them checking out the hot security guard, and taking bets on the Liam/Hope nuptials – hilarious! Super couple.