The truth comes out.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1980s when Rocco Carner kept a big secret from Katie Logan…

Donna is currently keeping Bill and Brooke’s engagement a secret. Years ago, Rocco kept a big secret himself. Rocco always had a thing for Donna, but she’d been involved with someone else at the time. Donna convinced Rocco to date her younger sister Katie (then played by Nancy Sloan). Dating Katie wasn’t the only way Rocco managed to be close to Donna. He got her a job at the restaurant he worked at until he ultimately landed a job at Forrester.

Rocco continued to date Katie and figured it was time to be happy and settle down. He wanted to get married and came up with a special plan. Rocco placed a ring with a proposal note inside a jacket pocket. When Katie found it, she happily agreed to become Rocco’s wife. Months went on before Rocco had no choice but to come clean and reveal a secret to Katie.

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