Credit: Run, Maya! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of September 9 – 13:

The excitement level dropped down a notch or two this week on “B&B.” Thoughts:

In the mix.
Thorne made amends with Eric this week. While he had to say something after that display of pomposity during Rick’s fashion show, it’s all so unappealing. It was disappointing for Thorne to be portrayed as one part of ‘Dumb and Dumber’ with Thomas in the first place; basically they were set-up to be humiliated. Now, once again, Thorne’s resigned to kissing butt at Forrester while playing second fiddle to yet another brother. Many viewers feel Thorne is long overdue to come into his own as a main player at the family business, complete with a romance and a big storyline.

A new appreciation.
How could you not laugh when Rick told Liam he had a new appreciation for what he went through with Steffy and Hope, and the scene ended with Liam learning that Wyatt and Hope had made a deal to work together? Liam is definitely getting a ‘new appreciation’ for what he put the girls through – about time!

Family jewels.
It’s a kick seeing Wyatt get the best of Liam. Hope obviously isn’t ready to give up Wyatt’s flattering attentions, and few feel sorry for Liam as this is like karma biting him back. Wyatt is at his best when he’s being flirty with Hope. She’s still too giggly and girlish – it’s all so ‘puppy love’ with her – but Wyatt makes her bearable. As for Hope’s obsession with making Wyatt and Liam act like brothers, Miss Bossy Boots should let them decide on their own.