Clearly not done. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown for the week of September 3 – 5:

“B&B” kept up a good pace in light of the short week. Thoughts:

If Rick had something so special with Maya, why would he so easily fall back into a relationship with Caroline? Can’t these people ever be alone? Not that it really matters who Rick ends up with – kind of over it at this point. It’s disappointing that Caroline is willing to settle for being a consolation prize. As for Carter and Maya, it’s impossible to root for them to get together simply because him pushing himself on her constantly is just such a turn-off. He was at it again this week. She’s just not that into you! Yick.

Playing at being me.
Brooke and Bill spent their time this week complaining about Katie having too many supporters, having sex, and discussing Wyatt’s unexpected uprising. Brooke sure knows how to handle a man like Bill – stroke his ego (“Bill, Wyatt is just like you…”) to get him around to her way of thinking. Couldn’t believe she changed his ringtone to a stallion sound – too much!

Mommy and me.
It was nice to see Wyatt return home and give his mother some credit for having a valid viewpoint on Bill. In return, she decided to back him and Hope. So sweet.