Connected by the past.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2003 when Massimo Marone proposed to Jackie Payne…

With Brook and Bill now committed to each other it might only be a matter of time before a possible marriage proposal. Years ago, Massimo and Jackie reconnected after their prior affair, where he ultimately asked for her hand in marriage. Jackie and Massimo had an affair while she was married to Frank Payne. Frank found out about the affair but never left Jackie.

Later on in life, after Frank had died, Jackie appeared in Los Angeles and reconnected with Massimo. He wasn’t going to let Jackie slip through his fingers again and convinced her to accompany him for a romantic ride on his private jet. As they were reminiscing about their past, and why Massimo ended their affair, the plane ran into bad weather and crashed – but not before Jackie told Massimo that Nick was in fact his son.

Jackie and Massimo were rescued, but she was in a coma for quite some time. When she came to Massimo proposed. Eric, who also had feelings for Jackie, kissed her in an attempt to halt a future marriage from taking place. In the end, Jackie wanted nothing more than to be a family with Massimo and Nick and rejected Eric.

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