We are family.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2003 when Amber Moore’s twin sister appeared and helped save her reputation…

Bill didn’t act in the ‘family-way’, especially as a father, by recently pushing Wyatt away. However, ten years ago, Amber Moore stepped up to do a sisterly duty for her twin as a way to pay April back for something she’d done for her. Amber was stunned when a woman, who looked just like her, appeared at a Forrester Creations press conference to save her from something that went public. April privately explained that she was in fact Amber’s twin sister and that her adoption as a baby had gone through, unlike Amber’s who Tawny was forced to raise.

April didn’t expect anything from Amber but did share that she came to California to break into the music industry and was soon offered an opportunity after auditioning for a big producer. Deacon Sharpe swooped in and negotiated April’s contract, which included more money. Though Amber warned April away from Deacon, April hired him as her agent. Deacon ended up getting April a meeting for a big recording deal, but she came down with a cold and couldn’t sing. To help her sister out, Amber went to the meeting, as April, and nailed the audition. Thanks to Amber, April got the record deal and left LA with Deacon to tour.

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