Breaking up is so hard to do.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the 1990s when Connor Davis and Brooke Logan broke up…

Brooke has had many men in and out of her life throughout the years, most recently her sister’s husband Bill. Years ago, she had her eye on Connor, who cared for her a bit more than she did for him. Connor didn’t have luck on his side, especially with Ridge in the picture, who was his high school rival. Brooke was always looking for someone to use to make Ridge jealous, and Connor fit the bill shortly after Bridget was born.

Connor wasn’t naive and soon caught on to Brooke’s reasons for dating him, simply to make Ridge jealous. He knew the Forresters never had Brooke’s interests at heart, and quickly realized that Stephanie had it out for her, yet Connor decided to give their relationship a chance. Connor was not only Brooke’s boyfriend, he acted as her lawyer and came across something to prove that the Forresters had ulterior motives where she was concerned and planned to use something against her. However, Brooke wouldn’t hear anything of it, which led Connor to face the fact that she would never have Ridge out of her system. He ended their relationship and soon move on with Karen Spencer.

Do you remember what Connor found that made him realize the Forresters weren’t being sincere where Brooke was concerned? Vote below.