Two men, one woman.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2006 when Ridge Forrester realized he had some competition with Nick Marone…

It’s clear that Liam has some competition in regards to his brother’s feelings for Hope. Years ago, Ridge found out he did too. Ridge went to Brooke and finally admitted that he was still in love with her. Though she’d rushed back into his arms in the past, Brooke turned Ridge away and ran to Nick for comfort.

Ridge found out that Brooke was having abandonment issues, due to her father having left her as a kid, and worked to reunite father and daughter. Brooke was stunned when Ridge brought Stephen Logan back to Los Angeles and became even more anxious. One night, after Brooke had taken some anti-anxiety pills, she tried pushing Ridge away. She was out of it when they made love, and Ridge later realized he had unintentionally raped Brooke in the process. Nick found out and pulled a gun on Ridge. Brooke walked away from Ridge, ignored Stephanie, who tried to interfere, and rushed back into Nick’s arms. Brooke then gained controlling interest in Forester and banished Ridge from the company.

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