Credit: Caught up? (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown Week of August 12-16:

Plenty happening on “B&B” again this week; loved seeing the scenes in Monte Carlo. The show revolved mainly around the Maya/Rick and Bill/Katie/Brooke storylines. Thoughts:

Where were you last night?
I’ve lost interest in the Maya/Rick/Caroline triangle to an extent, though it’s hard to figure out exactly why. Perhaps it’s a tad predictable? I still like Rick with Maya, but don’t feel that interested in the goings on. As for Carter pursuing Maya, he just seems like a potential stalker. He’s just too pushy and creepy – saying he would have liked to have got in her bed, and then hanging around her apartment after she left – yuck!

Tofu-eating yoga boy.
It feels off that Liam is suddenly being depicted differently because the writers want to establish that Wyatt is more like Bill. Why be so obvious? In any case, Wyatt is definitely turning out to be different than he was when they first brought him on. I’m afraid he’s going to be a weasel-y character who won’t be very appealing.