Credit: Bad boy? (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of August 5 – 9:

Once again, “B&B” had lots going on and put in another solid week. Thoughts:

Setting them up to fail.
It was a kick how Donna lectured Katie about spying on Brooke and Bill, yet couldn’t resist showing up to watch each session. Ha! Predictably, they did nothing but talk about how great Katie is, and Bill even turned down a wonderful scotch. Not necessarily believable, but necessary for Katie to decide she wanted to reunite with Bill after all. It was all so perfect until Bill found out he was being spied upon. Yike!

Ballistic Bill.
It was thoroughly enjoyable watching Katie and Bill have it out when he confronted her about the spying. She stood her ground too, even though she wound up being walked out on and crying in the end. It’s kind of too bad Bill was able to twist it so he was the wounded party, when Katie really couldn’t be blamed for not trusting Bill…or Brooke for that matter. Sure it was a little devious, but Katie made a good point – it was exactly what he would have done!

Who creates better buzz?
No one creates better, ahem, buzz than Brooke, which is why she’s gone to Monte Carlo to promote her lingerie line and Bill’s hot on her heels. Something tells me Donna, who seemed to enjoy the story about Bill dropping his towel quite a bit, is going to find herself in the way once the stallion and his filly reunite. It’s kind of exciting that Bill’s pursuing her, and yet it’s still so awful. Weird! In any case, the spying will provide Brooke with a convenient excuse to be angry with Katie and bed Bill again.