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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 29 – August 2:

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Brooke chastised Hope for setting Quinn up, saying she could understand her hostility. Will wonders never cease? Of course that was but a blip in the latest round of wedding planning. It’s almost good that Hope never quite makes it to the altar – what will the girl have to strive for or talk about once she ties the knot?

One sneaky sister.
It was very good that Katie called Donna out for keeping Brooke’s secret, but also that she acknowledged she was in an impossible situation. Did anyone else find it weird that Brooke was the one to tell Katie about Wyatt? It should have been Bill! Not that Brooke really gave him a chance. In any case, it was a hoot seeing Katie spying over the nanny cam and trying to shut it off when Donna came in. Funny!

Red meat.
So Wyatt is supposed to be more like Bill, and Liam’s a more gentle soul. This was a bit of a surprise as Wyatt had been coming across previously like he was going to be a male version of Hope, with the fairytale kisses and such. Anyway, it looks like battle lines will be drawn between the new half-siblings. It will be interesting to see if Bill will side with newbie, Wyatt, and what he’ll have to say about the hullabaloo over Hope. It was a kick to see Wyatt looking stuff up and getting the 411 on the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle.