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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 22 – 26:

A very strong week for “B&B!” Thoughts.

Life starts now.
It seemed surprising that Hope accepted Liam’s proposal and slept with him while he was still married. Not only that, but they had sex in the cabin where he had previously shared an intimate time with Steffy. Doesn’t sound like a fairytale beginning – she must be over things being perfect. That said, the whole thing is beyond dumb. The guy has to propose/get married every time he switches relationships? Gah…

It’s very admirable how Karen has backed Katie, but she may wish she hadn’t got involved if Katie changes her mind and reconciles with Bill.

You have to stop!
Katie set Brooke straight before turfing her out of her office, but no one made more sense than Donna when she called Brooke out for defending Bill. It’s downright bizarre that Brooke would go from anxiety attacks over what she’d done to Katie, to yelling in Katie’s face about what she is doing to Bill. Not too worried about Katie’s ticker now! One almost wonders if Brooke’s not sub-consciously hating on her sister a little bit because Bill is pursuing her and treating Brooke like a distant memory.

Not impressed.
Luckily for Liam, Bill had too many problems of his own to get too lathered up over his latest engagement to Hope. He’s bound to get more excitable, however, when he finds out Wyatt’s got a thing for her too. Can’t wait to see what he does with that information!