Workplace attraction.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1990s when Claudia Cortez fell for Thorne Forrester…

Maya is going to have concerns about Rick and Caroline’s working relationship. Years ago Macy had an issue with someone who Thorne worked with as well. Claudia first looked for work at Spectra Fashions but was turned down by Macy for not having a green card. After Thorne stuck up for Claudia to Macy, Claudia produced a fake green card and he hired her at Forrester.

Claudia quickly developed feelings for Thorne and hid from the INS as to not blow her cover for working there illegally. As time went by Claudia noticed that she’d been causing tension between Thorne and Macy and hoped one day to have him all to herself. Macy picked up on Claudia’s feelings, and after witnessing something, she warned Claudia to back off her man! Claudia refused, which led to Macy contacting the INS and having Claudia arrested for not having a green card.

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