Yowza! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 15 – 19:

“B&B” continues to bring big drama and variety; so much going on to keep us entertained! The Liam/Hope re-do was probably the least intriguing story – it’s just silly at this point. Thoughts:

Too into the fantasy.
Carter’s behavior is very creepy. The way he’s hitting on Maya when they’re supposed to be acting is just so uncomfortable to watch. Caroline’s once again been over-the-top, so she’s borderline annoying. Here’s hoping that after this scheme blows up in her face, she’ll move on from the Rick obsession at least for a while. She can still be fun and be stronger.

Already approved.
Well, it was a treat to see some strong women having their way with a man in the business world. Nice! Talk about kicking Bill where it hurts… It will be interesting to see if Katie moves forward as things stand or if she’ll start wanting her marriage back. Here’s hoping she sticks to her guns!

Flip-flopper extraordinaire.
Liam may just have set a new record in soap opera flip-flopping by passionately kissing Steffy farewell in Paris after asking her to come back with him and a day later declaring to Hope that it was always her and proposing! Yuck and double-yuck. No credibility left whatsoever.