Not willing to go forth.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 1990s when Jake Maclaine realized he couldn’t marry Felicia Forrester…

Hope will find that reuniting with Liam isn’t going to be as simple as other times. In the past, similar to years ago when Jake had a hard time totally committing to Felicia. Jake and Felicia met when he was working as Stephanie’s tennis instructor. She quickly became fascinated by Jake and looked to Margo Lynley for details into his personal life. Margo warned Felicia away from Jake before it was revealed that she was actually Jake’s disgruntled sister.

Felicia continued to pursue Jake and found out that he molested as a child. She turned to Taylor for help, which forced Jake to confront his past and his parents over the trauma. In doing so it turned out that Jake’s uncle had molested him, and Felicia was there to help him deal with the revelation. They bonded and even planned to marry, but at the last minute Jake decided that he couldn’t marry Felicia.

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