In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 1990s when Thorne Forrester punched not one, but two men…

Thorne has spoken out against his brother, Rick, numerous times, and years ago he used another angle to deal with his other brother, Ridge, as well as Anthony Armando. Karen Spencer had been dating Thorne and realized he still had eyes for Macy. After Karen left Thorne, he and Macy, who’d been an alcoholic, worked out their differences and reconciled. Shelia had it out for Thorne, due to his lack of support of her marriage to Eric, and spiked Macy’s orange juice. Anthony, a Spectra designer, found a tipsy Macy, took her home and helped her into bed. Thorne got the wrong idea and punched Anthony. Macy refused to give in to Thorne’s demands that she fire Anthony from her mother’s company. Thorne couldn’t accept that and left Macy.

Thorne always had a special place in his heart for Taylor and had her back when it came to Brooke and Ridge’s pull to one another. In fact, he once punched Ridge to stop him from doing something that would’ve upset Taylor. Do you remember what it was? Vote below.