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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of July 8 – 12:

It was an interesting week on “B&B” as we watched the fallout of Bill and Brooke’s affair, saw some more of Wyatt, and Liam headed to Paris. Thoughts:

Time and again.
It was refreshing for Hope to call Brooke out on her appalling behavior, but she forgave her entirely too quickly. Also, Rick turning a blind eye doesn’t ring quite true. In the real world these people would be humiliated and embarrassed by their mother doing something so reprehensible. Given that she also slept with Hope’s boyfriend (albeit by ‘accident’), and countless other inappropriate men, why didn’t they at least advise her to seek some professional help? But no, they actually ended up talking about Hope’s new love interest and his necklace. Gah.

Holding us back.
Liam wouldn’t be the guy that Hope fell for if he could walk away from his marriage without having proper closure. She obviously still doesn’t get that he truly loved Steffy, and hence was back to whining about things not going according to her ideals.

That’s Brooke alright. Pretty nervy to walk into Katie’s house unannounced and tell her how to handle her marriage after what she did with her husband. Always entertaining!

We’ll always have Paris.
Wow, powerful scenes with Liam and Steffy in Paris – to the point of tears! However, it ended oddly. All that passion and intensity and then he made his awkward slumping exit out the door. Weird!