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B&B Breakdown For January 26 – 30!

Last week was all about the Jackie M fashion show and this week was all about the fallout.

When polled, most of you (105 out of 224) thought it was a great twist that Rick was the one to steal Forrester designs and give them to Jackie M. I totally agree, but I’m not sure he would have done that to his father. However, I already stated that in last week’s blog, so, moving on.

Rick being the culprit is definitely affecting the whole canvas and ramping up the fantastic feud between him and Stephanie. While I think Stephanie needs to chill out a bit, Susan Flannery’s (Stephanie) scenes with Kyle Lowder (Rick) are wonderful. They can be humorous, yet emotionally charged and it’s a great way to carry on Stephanie’s hatred of the Logans, while not having her go head to head with Brooke for the millionth time. (To read Kyle Lowder’s thoughts on Rick and Stephanie, read our interview here and part two on our sister site Soap Opera Fan Blog.)

Now that Stephanie has seen Rick and Steffy kissing with her own eyes and heard Rick admit he stole the designs, Rick better watch out! And probably Steffy too for that matter.

Even though Stephanie hates Rick for what he’s done, Eric has decided to protect his son by keeping the truth to himself. Some people may not agree with him, but I understand the motivation. Rick is his child and he recognizes how tortured he is right now, so it’s understandable that he wants to help him. It’s also a great way for the show to acknowledge the way Rick was raised. Soap characters are not great parents, so it’s refreshing when shows admit that and use it to explain how children turn out as adults. It kind of makes sense in a twisted soap opera type of logic.