Out of her head.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1996 when Ridge Forrester found Brooke Logan suffering from a mental breakdown…

There’s no telling how anxious Brooke would become if her personal issues and betrayals were to get out to the public these days. And back in the 1990s Brooke suffered a major mental lapse. Brooke had befriended Shelia Carter and had been stunned to learn of her past. Once the truth was out, and everyone was aware of it too, Shelia held Brooke hostage, along with the Forresters at gunpoint. Brooke had been willing to take a bullet for Stephanie and was relieved when Shelia was arrested and sent to jail.

Shelia got parole and tried to rekindle her friendship with Brooke, who decided to stand by the Forresters and rebuffed Shelia’s attempts. Brooke thought her life was finally back on track until a letter turned up about Bridget’s paternity. A new paternity test revealed that Ridge wasn’t Bridget’s father, Eric was, and Brooke gave in to Stephanie’s badgering for her to leave Los Angeles and headed to Paris. Ridge went after Brooke and couldn’t find her in Paris. He tracked her to Barbados, and it was later revealed she’d suffered from a brief reactive psychosis, due to the recent traumatic events in her life.

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