Credit: It's about truth... (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 24 – 28:

It was a real mixed bag on “B&B” this week, with the drama building tremendously by Friday. Thoughts:

Real-life fairytale.
Judging by the insane amount of giggling Hope was doing at Big Bear, she was clearly overcome by the prospect that every fairytale fantasy she’d ever entertained was coming true; it was like we accidentally put on the Disney channel. Not only did the ‘woods man’ give her a kiss to awaken her, but he later showed up (standing beneath her balcony no less) to return her lost shoe, er, phone. What a prince. Wyatt’s easy on the eyes so he gets a pass for now, but Hope’s dippy behavior only made her seem more like a teenybopper and less like a candidate for a real adult relationship than ever before. Obviously a new dreaded triangle is in the works with Hope at the center of it. Ack.

Go dazzle.
Carter’s legal mind must have deserted him while on the set of the web series if he didn’t figure out in two minutes that Maya showing up was Caroline’s doing. Caroline’s reunion with Raphael was enough to make the head hurt – too much squealing. Naughty Caroline is entertaining, but it’s hard to believe someone with her supposed confidence and worldliness would allow the scent of her expensive perfume to be overpowered by the reek of desperation. It would have been much more believable, and so much more fun, for her to flaunt a sexy new relationship in a bid to turn Rick’s head back her way. As for the web series, there’s no doubt that they’ll sell Carter and Maya as this steamy hot onscreen couple and Rick will become disproportionately jealous. Yawn.