One-sided feelings.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Kimberly Fairchild became obsessed with Thorne Forrester…

Maya’s about to see a different side to Rick this week and years ago viewers saw a different side to Kimberly after having lost her sister Macy. Kimberly grew close to Thorne after Macy’s death and continued to blame Brooke for her loss. While Thorne simply wanted to help Kimberly through her grief, she wanted more from Thorne and tried to attract him away from Brooke by changing her looks. Brooke warned Kimberly her ploys wouldn’t work.

Kimberly knew that Bridget was opposed to her mother being with Thorne and revealed their intentions to marry. Brooke’s son Rick, who Kimberly had a past relationship with, tried to rekindle their feelings, but she still wanted Thorne. She manipulated Thorne into believing something in order to stop his wedding to Brooke but was unsuccessful and ended up leaving Los Angeles for good.

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