Credit: Peek-a-boo. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 17 – 21:

In the wake of the pregnancy shockers, things seemed a little quieter by comparison this week on “B&B.” Thoughts:

Slick Rick.
It seemed that Rick locking Bill up in a cell and having a sparring match with him would be entertaining, but alas, it didn’t amount to much and Rick let him go without really accomplishing much of anything. Meh.

Superficial and rude.
Wow! Those Maya and Caroline face-offs are soapy goodness. They each give as good as they get – it’s amazing! As for Caroline setting-up Maya yet again, it’s getting a bit ridiculous for her to continue to scheme over Rick who has made it clear he’s no longer interested. Why not have her get his attention back by moving on with someone else? The idea that Maya could fall for that creepy Carter while acting isn’t appealing or very probable given her level of interest in Rick. Rick getting jealous is definitely possible though…

What was up with Katie spilling Steffy’s secret to Brooke of all people? That was actually awful. Brooke has no place knowing before Liam and it was a surprising move by Katie who’s usually pretty by the book. It was interesting, though, how it led to Katie calling Brooke out on her double-standard on the subject of meddling in the kids’ lives. It’s okay for her to push Hope and Liam together, but not for Taylor to find out the truth and push for a Liam and Steffy reconciliation… Anyway, it looked like Katie and Brooke might be headed for some tension, and who knows where that may lead?