Kyle Lowder (CBS)

Rick’s been through quite a bit the last couple of months on The Bold and the Beautiful: he got dumped by his fiancée, Taylor; he became paralyzed after a fight with Ridge led to him falling off a rooftop; he tried to sabotage his mother’s relationship with Ridge; he drove the car that led to Phoebe’s death; he became involved with Phoebe’s sister, Steffy; and now, he has betrayed his father by stealing his designs and giving them to the competition. That’s a lot of drama, even for a soap opera! However, when I talked with Rick’s portrayer, Kyle Lowder (albeit before the reveal that Rick was the one to steal Eric’s latest fashion collection), he assured me he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Especially in this particular genre, the tendency is to sometimes have a character that is one sided,” he explained. “I think over the past couple months, since last fall basically, we got to see every single aspect of [Rick]. Just because he’s young and rich and successful and an international playboy, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have issues and a lot problems. We got to see all of those things and for me, playing the role hasn’t been boring. It has given me the opportunity to challenge myself as an actor in the role.”

Not only does portraying the complexities of Rick’s personality keep things interesting for the actor, but it also keeps the viewers interested in what’s happening onscreen, whether they agree with the character’s choices or not. If the message boards are any indication, Rick sparks some emotional reactions in the viewers, both good and bad. However, after finding himself with some down time over the holidays, Kyle perused some boards himself and while most of what he read was positive, he decided keeping up with the fans’ opinions wasn’t such a good idea.

“When you read so many people’s varying opinions or even so many people’s one opinion of how good you are, or how bad you are, I think as human beings we tend to gravitate towards what people want and I think that’s a danger zone for me,” he mused. “I have to do what Brad (Bell, B&B Executive Producer/Head Writer) wants, what he’s looking for in the characters, and ultimately, I have to do what I feel is best for the character at the same time and not try to appeal to the hundreds of thousands of varying opinions.”

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate the viewers loyal support of the show, as he emphatically stated, “I want to thank the viewers and the fans for their support because it does mean a lot and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Even though B&B has a loyal fan base throughout the world, they don’t exactly all agree on everything that happens on show, especially the recent pairing of Rick and Steffy. Considering he dated and was engaged to Steffy’s sister and mother respectively, it’s understandable fans would be a bit uncomfortable with this new union. While Kyle understands this reaction, he also thinks people need to suspend reality in order to get into the spirit of the couple.