Credit: Take a hint! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of June 10 – 14:

There was no shortage of discussion-worth events this week. The variety of characters and stories has been awesome. Thoughts:

No longer pregnant.
It’s always amazing when something happens in a soap storyline that no one sees coming. So much is leaked in spoilers that the element of shock and surprise is a rare thing nowadays. They pulled it off with Brooke suddenly being told she was no longer pregnant – heck, we all thought the big deal was going to be her confessing to Bill. Nice going! Also, it’s good that Brooke’s not going to have Bill’s baby – it was yucky and really quite a stretch.

Weighing in.
You have to laugh at everyone in town weighing in on whether or not Liam and Steffy should try for another baby again right away. Mind your business!

Steffy’s decision.
Although it was a tad melodramatic for Steffy to go to Hope and tell her to give Liam what she cannot, it made for entertaining viewing just to see Hope’s reaction. As for Steffy, as much as it’s such a sad storyline twist for her, it’s an ingenious way to send the character off the canvas for a while…and to keep the dreaded triangle from having complete closure…again.