Credit: Unexpected. (CBS)

B&B Breakdown
Week of June 3 – 7:

An eventful week on “B&B!” Thoughts:

Don’t get ahead of yourself.
Wow, so Katie brings Will over to visit Liam and Steffy, and then stays behind to berate Steffy about wanting to have another baby with her own husband? Yeesh. One would think that whether or not to conceive again would be Liam and Steffy’s private business…

Listening to Hope.
Does Hope have to bend Liam’s ear about what he does and doesn’t have to do with his life every time she runs into him? Headache-inducing!

Not done with him.
So Maya’s not backing down and slinking away, even from the likes of big bad Dollar Bill Spencer. Love it!

Brooke’s Boardroom?
Well, Brooke certainly deflated the entire room by appearing on the runway in a dress suitable for the boardroom rather than lingerie for the bedroom! The silly thing is, she’s not showing yet so why wouldn’t she just go ahead and do it?