One secret leads to another.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1980s when Stephanie Forrester kept a secret only to find out that a bigger one had been kept from her…

Brooke Logan is currently keeping a few secrets, and years ago Stephanie kept a whopper of a one as well. Eric and Stephanie had a daughter named Angela who’d been born without any awareness of anything around her. To save Eric from future heartache Stephanie lied that Angela had died at birth and secretly paid Dr. Todd Powell to provide her care.

It wasn’t until twenty-four years later when the truth came out. Though everyone welcomed Angela into the family Stephanie learned that the woman was a fraud and that her real daughter had died twelve years prior during a freak accident. Dr. Powell had given the woman plastic surgery to look like Angela, not wanting to tell Stephanie that Angela had in fact died in his arms. A lot of blackmailing went on, surrounding other Forrester family secrets, until Stephanie finally forced the doctor and his imposter out of town.

Do you remember what Dr. Powell did to cause the death of Stephanie’s daughter? Vote below.