Brooke is sharply dressed as she consoles Ridge. (

There’s been a lot of interest in the fashions of B&B lately and the soap’s Emmy Award winning costume designer, Birgit Muller, came through for us once again with answers to your questions.

Laura N: I am interested if I can buy the pink crocheted hat that the character of Pamela Douglas wore [on January 6].

A: You just might be able to Laura, as it was purchased at Nordstrom.

Maria V: I really liked the black (ski?) pants Steffy Forrester was wearing on the show yesterday (1/12) and today (1/13) at the ski chalet. Who is the designer of these pants and where can I get them? Thanks so much!

A: According to Birgit, they are actually black fabric pants and were made by Guess last year.

Christy G: I was wondering where I could purchase the blue blouse that Brooke was wearing on the 01/09/09 and 01/12/09 episodes? It looked like silk with a large flower embroidery on the bottom of it. Thanks!