Credit: No, no, no! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 20 – 24:

There was some powerful material this week on “B&B.” Particular treats were Steffy’s emotional scenes, and Eric standing up to Brooke repeatedly. Thoughts:

My baby!
Steffy’s agony and guilt has made for some very moving and raw emotional scenes. It really made you feel her pain, but also how complicated it all was, given that she made the choice to ride the motorcycle. Liam going off on Bill to express his anger and disappointment was also extremely powerful. Such good material!

Back in the slammer.
It’s a tad unbelievable that Bill is spending his time and resources enabling one of his family members to hold onto a Forrester, but there it is. Maya looks to be between a rock and a hard place now, what with the photo. It will be interesting to see if she’ll be able to work her way around this…perhaps with Carter’s help?