Credit: You are the father. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of May 13 – 17:

It certainly wasn’t a ‘feel good’ week on “B&B” as Steffy lost the baby, Brooke continued to deal with her dilemma, and Maya was framed. Thoughts on the week:

Uncle Bill’s blackmail.
At first it seemed ridiculous that Bill would put himself out for Caroline, whom he had nearly disowned, or that she would even go to him. However, given that Caroline’s had a personality transplant and is no longer all about honesty and integrity, and Bill always welcomes a way to have someone indebted to him, it’s not so unbelievable after all. It’s humorous how Alison always adds her observations to the mix before running off to do Bill’s bidding. I think she likes living on the edge!

Jesse’s girl.
It’s not hard to see a future for Jesse on this show – sexy, semi-reformed bad boy. Rawr! I’d love to see Caroline fall for him while fighting it every step of the way. He has great chemistry with his ex, Maya, too, so there are plenty of possibilities. The set-up at the nightclub was pretty transparent, but the photograph will probably be all Bill needs to convince Maya to ditch Rick. We’ll see. Do you think Jesse should stick around? Vote in’s B&B Jesse’s Potential poll.