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In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Bridget Forrester and Oscar Marone first met, fell in love and left Los Angeles as an engaged couple…

Maya came face to face with someone from her past this week, and years ago someone from Massimo Marone’s past arrived in town as well. At fifteen years old, Massimo’s nephew Oscar Marone learned the ins and outs of running a casino. His mother had died, so he moved to Las Vegas with his father, who bought a well-known casino. When his father died, he continued running the family business.

The mob made their presence known and demanded control in the casino. Oz left Vegas and arrived in Los Angeles looking for help from his Uncle Massimo. Massimo claimed he’d become a legitimate businessman and refused to get caught up in Oz’s world. Not long after Massimo hung up on him, Oz was shot and rushed to the hospital. Bridget, who was a med student, tended to Oz, and the two became close.

Oz ran into one of his past acquaintances, Deacon Sharpe, and ended up buying his club The Lair and renaming it Ozzz. During the grand opening the mob arrived and rigged a chandelier, which ended up falling on Macy Alexander. Macy went into a coma and was later taken off of life support. Oz had been filled with guilt, but his relationship – and later engagement – with Bridget kept him going. The two left town and moved to Holland. When Bridget returned a few months later she did so alone.

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