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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 29 – May 3:

Lots going on again this week on “B&B!” Absolutely loving the variety – and the eye-candy of the fashion show. Brooke’s ‘shocker’ at week’s end was not a surprise, but was dramatic nonetheless! Thoughts:

Watch what you say to me!
Eric managed to get himself caught in the middle of Taylor and Brooke’s latest catfight. It’s just a little disturbing how they listen to him like he’s a father-figure, and then argue over who can bed him. Of course Brooke’s claim was that she could have him if she wanted to, and my money says she’s right. Despite Eric’s declarations to the contrary, I don’t think the old sod would be able to resist if Brooke got him alone and was determined. Taylor may sense this too, since she dialed down her badgering after Brooke’s warning. While I enjoy the rivalry between Brooke and Tay, I just wish Taylor would be a tad cleverer about her sleuthing and less in-your-face. As for Brooke, it’s amazing how she can look people right in the eye and deny, deny, deny. Soapy drama!

You didn’t!
Why isn’t Donna angrier at Brooke? Explain!

So secure.
Steffy and Liam’s happiness this week continued to be off-the-charts, which can only mean one thing on a soap opera – impending doom. Say it isn’t so! If anything happens to this couple, we’ll be back to the dreaded triangle before we’ve even properly got free of it. No!