Get married, now!

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the beginning of 2008 when Taylor Marone arranged a surprise wedding for Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan…

Caroline looked to her Uncle Bill for help in the relationship department this week, but years ago Taylor’s interference was not at all welcomed. Taylor had never gotten over her insecurities regarding Brooke being the biological mother of her and Nick’s baby. The fear that Nick and Brooke still had feelings for each other also weighed on Taylor’s mind. Taylor took matters into her own hands and arranged a surprise wedding for Ridge and Brooke at her and Nick’s house to put her thoughts at ease.

Brooke, Ridge and Nick were all stunned when a minister arrived and Taylor begged Brooke and Ridge to get married. Brooke accused Taylor of being threatened by her and Nick’s relationship, and Nick wondered if Brooke had been on to something. Ridge didn’t seem to care what the reasoning behind Taylor’s sudden actions were and urged ‘Logan’ to marry him right there and then.

Do you remember if Brooke agreed with Ridge and Taylor and went through with the ceremony? Vote below.