Oh crap, she knows. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 22 – 26:

It’s been an interesting week – plenty of contrast between the guilt and angst of the Brooke/Katie/Bill stuff, Steffy and Liam’s happiness, and the comic relief of Caroline.

A lifelong adventure.
It’s certainly been an amazing week for Liam and Steffy, who do for all intents and purposes appear to be madly in love. Here’s hoping that this brings an end to the dreaded triangle business for at least a while, as it might actually be nice to see Hope do something other than pine. What a low moment for her to text Liam ‘congratulations’ while he’s on his honeymoon. She clearly didn’t mean it! Anyway, here’s also hoping Baby Spencer ends up being named Aspen and not Wilhelm. Gah!

Moving day.
Brooke had a parenting ‘hall of fame’ moment when she asked Hope about getting back with Oliver five seconds after Liam married Steffy. God forbid she be without a man for more than a day or two. Yeesh! Speaking of Oliver, does this guy have low self-esteem issues? Why does he keep going back begging for scraps from Hope when she clearly doesn’t feel about him the way one should to be in a serious relationship? What’s his deal?