Three’s a crowd.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to July 2011 when Taylor Forrester caught Bill Spencer in bed with her daughter Steffy…

Bill plans to prove himself to Katie after his latest infidelity, and not too long ago he was faced with a similar dilemma. Before she lost her heart to Liam, Steffy became infatuated with his father Bill. What first started as a ploy to get Forrester back from Bill turned into a plea for him to leave his wife for Steffy. Bill caught on to Steffy’s initial plan and admired her tenacity.

Steffy was there for Bill when he almost caused Amber Moore’s death, and he was there for Steffy when her brother Thomas went missing at sea. The two grew close and almost made love until Taylor caught them in Steffy’s bed. Bill planned to leave Katie, but things changed after Katie had a heart attack, due to Taylor telling her about Bill and Steffy. In the end, Bill decided to stay with Katie, who forgave him.

Do you remember what Katie surprised Bill with soon after his fling with Steffy? Vote below.