Motorcycle mama. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 15 – 19:

The show moved at a good pace this week and continued to focus on numerous characters – awesome!

Well, Katie woke up kicking her own butt for ever doubting her husband and sister. Gah! As for Brooke and Bill, the heart wants what it wants and all that, but it’s still not possible to feel a thing for Brooke when she sheds tears over her stallion – they just moved way too fast and behaved too selfishly – the inappropriate factor of it all is just too high to get on board with their forbidden love. Unfortunate, because they do share amazing chemistry – perhaps if this had all played out differently… In any case, it looks like Bill will try again with Katie. It will probably go well until the Bill/Brooke tryst is revealed. I wonder if Katie will have another heart attack? Talk about nine lives! Did you feel sad for Brooke and Bill this week? Let know by voting in our B&B Goodbye Stallion poll.

It has to be said that the ‘new’ Caroline seems to get more hilarious with each week that goes by. It’s still offensive that a character can completely change without viewers being given any kind of explanation, but in this case, the change added to the character’s entertainment value. That said, she may not have the same potential as long-term leading lady she had before, but it’s all good for now. Get this girl a hot guy to be her playtoy!