One good deed led to a major scandal.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2010 when Oliver Jones used his connections to get a special band to play at Hope’s graduation party – and gave Brooke a special gift…

Oliver recently attempted to cheer Hope up with cupcakes from her favorite bakery. Always having had a special place for her in his heart he also tried to make her graduation party special, which turned out to be anything but. Oliver had some connections in the music industry and convinced a band to play at Hope’s party. The theme of the party had guests wearing identical customs and masks, making it hard to tell who was who.

Hope wanted to mark the event with finally losing her virginity and picked Oliver to share the special moment with. Thinking it was Hope who was ‘ready’ out on the terrace Oliver made love to her right there and then. But it wasn’t Hope, it was Brooke. Oliver was beside himself, as was Brooke who thought she’d made love to Ridge.

Steffy found out the truth and blackmailed Oliver into dating her to keep her silence. However, Brooke confessed the truth to Ridge, as a video surfaced from the event. Hope was devastated and broke up with Oliver, who had been at the receiving end of a punch from Ridge. Amidst the sexual mix-up other guests enjoyed the night dancing and singing to the band Oliver scored for the party.

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