Things have changed for Steffy and Marcus. (

B&B Breakdown For the Week of January 5.

Bridget’s Back!
It was so good to see Bridget again and for her to actually have something to do! I’m excited about her and Owen and can’t wait to see it unfold. However, I don’t believe she would have shown up at Owen’s ready to seduce him out of the blue. In my opinion it just didn’t fit with her character. I was also really hoping for some follow through on their encounter. Based on Bridget’s reaction, I assumed Bridget was thinking Owen was gay when she saw the candles and wine and Owen said the dinner was set up for him and a ‘buddy’, but we never got a real reaction. The next scene should have been Bridget running into Donna and making a comment about it. Instead, once again, it was just left.

Pam’s Latest Target?
The whole Pam/Owen scene leading up to Bridget’s visit was kind of weird as well. I sort of get why Owen had Pam come over – so Donna wouldn’t have to deal with her while they worked – but his nervous/stressed out reaction was unclear. And why did he send her upstairs? I didn’t really get it and once again, no follow through on it. Is Pam going to obsesses over Owen now? Hopefully we’ll find out.

Speaking of Pam, she better get crackin’ if she’s going to single handedly crochet the thousands of bikinis that were ordered!

Rick vs. Stephanie
Rick and Stephanie’s face off in his office was great. While I understand why Stephanie wants some sort of justice for Phoebe (she’s clearly still in the anger stage of grief), I loved that Rick gave back as good as he got. Each actor portrayed their character in a very controlled manner, so there was no whining or hysterics. Kyle Lowder (Rick) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) did an excellent job in those scenes and I can’t wait to see what happens with Eric’s decision.

A New Man For Taylor?
I’m not sure why we haven’t seen more of Taylor dealing with the death of her daughter, but I think she needs to start moving towards her own storyline now. Maybe she can seek therapy, or start to act out in strange ways, or find a nice man friend to confide in who will later turn into something more.