Message of love.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 2009 when Ridge showed Brooke a message in the sand during their second wedding on the beach…

Steffy wants nothing more than to have the perfect wedding with Liam, and a few years back her father wanted to make his wedding with Brooke the same. Ridge and Brooke have had their share of on again off again moments throughout the years. During a time when Ridge was married to Taylor and Brooke was engaged to James Warwick they reconnected.

Ridge was trying to convince Brooke to return control of Forrester back to his family. He even accidently knocked Brooke unconscious when he playfully pushed her into the family pool. It wasn’t until Ridge believed Taylor had died in a plane crash when he took a stand and ended Brooke’s relationship with James by proposing himself. Brooke’s love for Ridge surpassed anything she felt for James, and they were married on the beach where they’d held their first wedding.

Ridge took Brooke to an area that overlooked the beach below and showed her a special message he’d had engraved within a heart in the sand. Do you remember what was written in the sand? Vote below.