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“B&B” Breakdown
Week of April 1 – 5:

It’s been another very interesting mixed bag type of week on “B&B.” Thoughts on the latest events:

Brooke to the rescue.
The entire premise of Brooke rescuing Bill following the car wreck was silly. If Bill crashed that car hard enough to wind up unconscious on the air bag, chances are it wouldn’t have been drivable. What about witnesses? The most ridiculous part was Brooke phoning Katie to tell her that Bill was staying the night at her place and then not letting her talk to him! “B&B” loves this bizarre little plot device – remember when Marcus called to talk to Dayzee before their wedding and Stephanie wouldn’t let him? The fact that no one would ever do this – especially without providing some kind of explanation – just doesn’t seem to matter. It’s hilarious!

You should have come home.
The showdown between Brooke, Bill, and Katie the next morning was dramatic goodness, with Katie’s hysteria becoming just a hair annoying. She really told Brooke off though! Conveniently for half-dressed Brooke and Bill, Katie went from 0 to divorce in less than sixty seconds, and stomped off to leave them to do what they’ve wanted to do for eons.