Out of their heads.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to April 2011 when Thomas Forrester and Brooke Logan were stranded on a deserted island…

These days Thomas and Brooke might be on opposite sides of the fence, but a few years back they were stranded on a deserted island and closer than ever – thanks to some psychedelic berries. Thomas was trying to make his way in the fashion industry with a new Forrester collection. After some advice from Whip Jones, Thomas kissed Brooke in front of the press during a fashion show, which helped launch his new line Taboo.

Thomas continued to be drawn to Brooke and even kissed her while she slept during a plane ride to Paris. Later, on their way to promote Thomas’ new line overseas their plane crashed, and Brooke and Thomas found themselves stranded and fighting for their lives on a deserted island. Starving, they both ingested psychedelic berries and hallucinated various sexual encounters. When they were rescued, neither was sure if they’d had sex while on the island.

In true Stephanie Forrester fashion she convinced Thomas to claim he’d slept with Brooke. His lie caused his father Ridge to walk out on Brooke – and back into Taylor’s arms, Dayzee to leave Thomas and the end of Taboo.

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