Credit: Off my husband! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 18 – 20:

“B&B” is on a roll with the newer storyline incorporating Forrester Creations and more characters. Points to ponder:

Attention junkie.
Man oh man, Brooke donning her lingerie again sure opened up a gold mine for the writers in terms of insults and one-liners! Brooke usurping Thomas’ rather dry presentation was pretty entertaining, although I did feel for him because he’s very earnest about his vision.

Reach out and take it.
Simpering, lingerie-clad Caroline is admittedly more interesting as a character than her former good-girl self, but what a radical personality re-vamp! While she may have more potential as a bad girl, she may want to tone down the vapid sulking and whining – so annoying.

Lingerie and champers with your sister’s husband whom you have feelings for, call Stallion, and have already kissed? Is this okay? Let know what you think by voting in our B&B Celebration Time poll.