The wedding that never happened.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Rick Forrester stopped Amber Moore from marrying CJ Garrison…

Brooke Logan is currently in the middle of her sister’s rocky marriage and years ago her son Rick Forrester was scrambling to stop one from happening. CJ had just lost his new wife Becky to pancreatitis and was awarded temporary custody of her son Little Eric. He moved in with Becky’s cousin Amber, who had previously tried to pass the baby off as her and Rick’s.

After some ups and downs CJ and Amber fell in love, became engaged and planned to marry. Rick still had feelings for Amber and stopped the wedding. He wanted Amber back and to give her the life she always wanted. Amber had never fully gotten over Rick and didn’t go through with the wedding. She went back to Rick and in the process broke CJ’s heart.

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