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B&B Breakdown for the week of December 29.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s! B&B was pretty good this week, offering glimpses of an interesting 2009, so let’s get right down to it!

Out With the Old

We’re getting past the grieving over Phoebe and moving into the New Year with compelling stories for everyone involved. Of course the pain of Phoebe’s death is sticking with everyone and shaping the decisions and actions of those close to her. After no follow up on certain storylines in the past, B&B is using Phoebe’s death as a springboard for new ones. So we will see how the tragic event affects Rick, Ridge and Steffy’s future actions. And by bringing Pam back, Donna gets a new dilemma in the form of her tormentor that may affect her newly returned happiness with Eric. One of the best things soap operas can do is to end one story arc by beginning a new one for the characters involved and B&B did this extremely well in my opinion.

2009 also looks like it will bring good things for Bridget, Owen, Katie and Nick; people we haven’t seen much of in awhile. For more on that, check out our Spoilers page.

No Remorse
I was appalled at Eric this week. The gall of him to turn his dumping Stephanie around on her! He didn’t ever say I’m sorry or indicate that he felt bad about leading her on only to throw her to the side once again for Donna. This break up was not her fault at all and he dredged up their past like she was the one to betray him. Since his coma, Stephanie has been by his side loving and supporting him and he thanked her by throwing Donna’s love for him in her face. I really thought she meant it, when she told him she was done with him, but then New Year’s Eve rolled around. More on that later though.

Even though I thought Stephanie should have been angrier with Eric afterwards, I liked the scene where they told their family they were separating again. It was funny and sweet as they finished each other’s sentences and Stephanie made Eric his coffee just the way he likes it. It would be so great if they could remain friends and engage in honest, yet snide banter. The other great part about that scene was that Stephanie finally told Felicia not to worry about her parents, but to focus on her own love life. It’s about time! Now Felicia just needs to get one.

Guilt Looks Good on Him
While I’m disgusted with Eric, I’m liking Rick more and more. I can feel his pain over Phoebe and believe he wants to do whatever he can to help Ridge heal. Ridge and Brooke confronting Rick was also fantastic. Ridge expressed his outrage at Rick in a dignified manner, while Rick took it like a man and agreed to do whatever Ridge wanted. Of course his face also revealed (to the viewers at least) his guilt over having just made out with Ridge’s other daughter whom Ridge doesn’t want Rick anywhere near. Great stuff.