Sexy shenanigans.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the late 1990s when Brooke Logan first introduced her Brooke’s Bedroom line…

Brooke is relaunching her Brooke’s Bedroom line, and, as in the past, her decision stems from some of the things going around her as of late. Years ago, Brooke was furious when her son Rick Forrester started taking an interest in his babysitter Amber Moore – not to mention Brooke’s ongoing quest to keep Ridge Forrester all to herself.

She wanted to make Ridge, who was with Taylor Forrester, jealous and tried using Dr. Pierce Peterson and Genoa City’s Victor Newman to do so. When her attempts didn’t work, Brooke took another route and created Brooke’s Bedroom by launching the line in front of the press in the Forrester Showroom. Stephanie seethed when Brooke appeared as the showstopper on a bed dressed in lingerie. While on live television Stephanie took a stance and confronted Brooke.

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