Credit: Rawr! (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of March 4 – 8:

It was a strong week on “B&B” with focus on several storylines. Here are some thoughts on the week:

Legal brain.
Okay, Marcus’ brother may look good and have a great legal mind, but he’s terminally boring so far! I can’t imagine what they’re going to find for this guy to do storyline-wise – they hardly even use Marcus and he’s a Forrester! I just don’t see the point unless he’s going to end up in a triangle with Rick and Maya or something. Speaking of which…

Look what the wind blew in.
Rick and Maya are definitely sparking, and she brings out a different side of Rick, but at the same time, it’s utterly confusing. Rick’s been an absolute ass these past months and suddenly he’s become Mr. Nice Guy. Also, presumably to facilitate this storyline, Caroline has inexplicably become a spoiled, selfish, pouty diva. As a viewer, I wish they could have found a way to tell the story of Rick falling for Maya without the abrupt change in personalities. As for Rick lying to Maya about who he really is – this will obviously backfire; she’s going to be awfully pissed after trying to pay him $10 only to find out he runs a huge company. You’d think Rick had been around enough to know this.