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This past year has seen a lot of drama, a lot of honey and even some love. While not everyone was happy with the storylines or character developments on B&B, as evidenced by our very heated message boards, there was still something for everyone that kept us coming back.

This may not come as much of a surprise to those of you who regularly read my weekly blog, but I would have to say my favorite thing about B&B this year has been Ridge. While I have watched the show on and off over the years, I became an avid viewer when I took over the B&B section for this past summer. A couple of months in, I found myself with a brand new soap crush on Ridge Forrester. He never made much of an impression on me before, but after witnessing his new Zen-like attitude, I became drawn to him. Instead of constantly lashing out when presented with circumstances not to his liking, Ridge acted rationally and (gasp!) like an adult. There were many obstacles to Ridge and Brooke’s relationship this year, namely Rick, but Ridge took things in stride when another soap opera character (or Ridge himself in the past) would have ended things with Brooke or made the situation worse. So kudos to Ridge for actually learning from the past and remaining centered in the present.