Credit: New matriarch. (CBS)

“B&B” Breakdown
Week of February 25 – March 1:

This week was pretty good on “B&B.” Things seemed to move along at a good clip and there were several storylines and a variety of characters to be seen.

Hard-boiled egg.
Rick’s sudden interest in Maya came out-of-the-blue, but is also kind of cute and definitely intriguing. So much for the big campaign/war he waged to win over Caroline – yesterday’s news so soon? Lord knows Brooke would hate a Rick/Maya hook-up if it happens, so there would be manipulations and machinations to look forward to for sure. Perhaps she’ll team up with Caroline? Also, Maya may be a little embarrassed to discover she’s been deceived – Rick’s a CEO not a waiter as he’s let her believe. In last week’s poll, the majority of readers loved the idea of Rick and Maya together – some because it would bug Brooke – but still…

Decision 2013.
Well folks, Liam appears to have made a decision that could have some staying power – please let it be so. I like the vibe Steffy and Liam share as expectant parents – still watchable even without the back and forth drama.

New generation.
Loved Bill riding into the house on a dirt bike with balloons and gifts! There’s no ray of sunshine brighter than Dollar Bill when things go his way! It’s fun to see that side of him.